BisonX Capital Ecosystem

Venture Capital Ecosystem

Interconnected to Innovate and Spur Growth

An ecosystem is a network of interconnected organizations that work together for the good of the whole.

BisonX is at the heart of a dynamic, interconnected venture capital ecosystem that’s spurring growth and innovation in various industry verticals throughout the five-state region encompassing Minnesota, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, and Wyoming.

From Startup Studio to Market Launch and Beyond

From Idea Validation to Market Launch and Beyond

Our unique mix of non-profit and venture capital allows us to have the ultimate flexibility in launching successful ventures. We support founders’ journeys from idea validation to market launch and beyond. We provide grants and professional resources to validate ideas and develop business plans. Once validated, we connect founders with additional funding streams derived from short-, mid-, and long-term returns from our portfolio companies flowing back into the program to nourish the ecosystem further and enable future investments.

The founders we support often become BisonX cohort mentors who help develop a deep knowledge base, new jobs, new businesses, and access to capital that further drives the BisonX Startup Studio and VC ecosystem success cycle.