Meet the BisonX Team

Meet the BisonX Team

Grow from Our Experience

The BisonX leadership team possesses a proven track record of accomplishment and offers immediate access to vast expertise. Get to know us, and let us help bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.
Meet the BisonX Team

We’re Side-by-Side with You Through the Entire Process

Realize your entrepreneurial dreams. Start the easy process of becoming a founder today. We’ll be with you all the way.
Nick Edwards | Co-Founder & GP

Nick Edwards

Co-Founder & GP

Nick is a former NDSU athlete and alumni known for success in the health tech, medical, and professional sports arenas. Nick has built many companies and exited, and participated in early-stage investing, leading SPVs and funds. For years he has worked alongside founders to solve problems and shift to operational personnel. As an outspoken team member, Nick challenges founders to understand product-market fit and meet entrepreneurship head-on.

Jeff McDermott | Co-Founder & GP

Jeff McDermott

Co-Founder & GP

Jeff is a serial entrepreneur and widely renowned Venture Builder. For the past 20 years, he has worked alongside founders with products and services, hired teams, aided in funding, and continues to provide resources and guidance across the company lifecycle- even through proven successful exits. Jeff loves starting companies, driving the vision and progression through validation, and developing innovative revenue streams and solutions.

Elizabeth Durand | Director of Development

Elizabeth Durand

Director of Development

Elizabeth works with foundations, high-net-worth individuals, entrepreneurs and founders, and funds. She has created several ventures and thrives on the strategy and puzzle-solving inherent in entrepreneurism. In addition to having held licenses in securities, insurance, mortgage, and real estate, Elizabeth has exit planning, contract management, blockchain, and artificial intelligence certifications. She has worked in finance, healthcare, real estate, and technology.